Paint Correction and Paint Touch-Up

Paint Correction is the process of restoring a vehicle's paintwork. This process is done by eliminating surface imperfections and embedded environmental debris such as fine scratches, swirls, deep scratches, chemical etching, mineral deposits, holograms, buffing trails, iron particles, and tar. The extensively trained Paint Correction Specialists at AutoReligion can help you restore your vehicle's paintwork in a professional manner. 

Rock chips are sometimes inevitable. They can be covered with a vehicle specific paint Touch-Up. 

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Ceramic Nano Coatings

Nano Coatings also known as Ceramic and Glass Coatings are the new generation and pinnacle of paint protection. Using modern Nano Technology, these coatings are made of ceramic and organic compounds to chemically bond to the surface of your paint creating a ultra-durable and high gloss layer. Due to its high density, it makes it extremely durable and long lasting as oppose to traditional waxes and sealants. AutoReligion can professionally apply world renowned and trusted coatings on your vehicle. Can be applied on a vehicle's Paint, Wheels, Glass, and Leather. Contact our Specialists for a free consultation on information and the processes regarding Nano Coatings. 

View our Youtube Videos here of the results after the application of the ceramic coating!

AutoReligion uses the world renown coating manufacturer Gtechniq and CarPro for such products. 

Waxes and Sealants

Waxes and Sealants are cost effective solutions to giving your vehicle's paintwork an exceptional gloss and depth but also providing some protection to your clear coat. AutoReligion carries a variety of Premium Products and can professionally apply them for you. Contact us for any inquiries or estimates.

Metal and Chrome Refinishing

Metal and Chrome parts on your vehicle can be restored to scratch free and glossy surface.

Headlight Restoration

A faded and scratched pair of Headlights can be restored to a like new condition.

Rim Restoration

A vehicle's wheels tend to collect dirt, tar, brake dust, etc; it can be professionally and thoroughly cleaned. Wheels can also be polished and protected with a coating. Tires can also be cleaned and dressed. 

Engine-Bay Shampoo 
A vehicle's engine is designed to be clean to run at its highest efficiency. Over time dirt, oil, and debris can build within the engine bay; it can be professionally cleaned without damaging electrical or mechanical components. 

Exterior Detailing

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