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FEYNLAB’s® product mission, now and always:

To focus all efforts on innovative engineering to provide the best ceramic nano based protection and products for automotive surfaces. Everything we have accomplished was born of this single minded pursuit.


FEYNLAB® CERAMIC PLUS - Warranty Period - 5 years

CERAMIC PLUS is the perfect marriage between our Self Healing technology, and our ultra-durable Ceramic technology. CERAMIC PLUS maintains the thickness and protection aspect of CERAMIC, while incorporating 40% of self healing capabilities for light surface scratches and micro marring. While some deeper scratches, which may not completely recover, but they will be much noticeable and almost undetectable on lighter colored paints.


FEYNLAB® CERAMIC - Warranty Period - 3 years

CERAMIC thick protective ceramic nano coating engineered for extreme durability & protection for painted automotive surfaces. As an ultra-high solids coating CERAMIC adds intense: gloss, U.V. & heat protection, chemical resistance, and increased protection from the light ‘love marks’ of washing.


FEYNLAB® CERAMIC LITEDurability: 1+ Year(s)

Ceramic Lite is classified as our entry level coating due its extreme user friendly application method. ‘Lite’ designates the coating contains a lower solids content than our traditional offerings. However, it still packs quite a punch in terms of durability and performance.Ceramic Lite may be used to protect most vehicle exterior surfaces. It provides a coated vehicle with an impressive combination of ultra-slickness, durability, gloss, and hydrophobic properties.



CERAMIC WHEEL AND CALIPER was developed to protect from harsh conditions of vehicle wheels and turn wheel cleaning into easy mode!. This THICK & Durable ceramic nano coating invites extreme conditions because it was designed for high temperatures and a constant barrage of intense contamination.



PPF & VINYL CERAMIC coating is specifically designed to protect the porous surface of Vinyl or Self Healing Paint Protection Films (PPF). Originally engineered for water spot protection, the high surface tension (hydrophobic properties) of PPF & VINYL helps keep surfaces cleaner for longer. Additionally, PPF & VINYL enhances the gloss to standard PPF while allowing matte Vinyl and PPF to retain their dulled appearance.



FEYNLAB® PLASTIC transforms faded dull exterior trim back into a deep rich looking finish. PLASTIC grants a new chemical structure which adds UV protection from future fading.



FEYNLAB® TEXTILE is a water based coating engineered for extreme durability and hydrophobicity on cloth surfaces. TEXTILE is versatile and designed for interior cloth seats, carpets, and convertible fabric tops. Once treated, surfaces are simple to clean and protected against accidental spills and stains of all kinds, including common oils. The water based formula allows for little to no odor after drying 12-16 hours.



FEYNLAB® LEATHER TREATMENT is a nano-ceramic infused leather conditioner and cleaner. It stands somewhere between a gentle leather cleaner, a traditional leather conditioner and a modern leather coating. The pH balanced cleaners gently lift and remove embedded dirt, oil and stains, while the ceramified conditioners penetrate deep into the pores of the leather to prevent premature aging. The ceramified conditioners restore and maintain your leather’s natural moisture balance without adding any cheap, greasy silicon residue of lesser leather products. Your leather will be left looking, feeling and smelling new and most importantly protected from UV degradation, dying, cracking and minor staining.

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