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Paint Correction

Paint Correction also known as Power Polishing, Machine Polishing, and Buffing is the process of restoring a vehicle's paintwork. Commonly seen swirls & scratches are in the Clear Coat of a vehicle's paint. This process is done by removing surface imperfections and embedded environmental debris such as fine scratches, swirls, deep scratches, chemical etching, mineral deposits, holograms, buffing trails in the Clear Coat. 

The Team at AutoReligion is extensively trained in the art of Paint Correction, we have dedicated ourselves to finding the most effective techniques and premium tools & products to carry out the service for any vehicle.

We do not use to glazes or fillers to hide imperfections, all Paint Correction services physcially remove imperfections.

View our Blog post about Paint Correction for some more in-depth knowledge.


Headlight Restorations

Over time, plastic headlight lenses can fade, haze, and cloud. In result, it drastically reduces light output, comprises your safety, and diminishes aesthetics of your vehicle. 

Through a process of wet sanding and machine polishing, AutoReligion can restore your Headlights to a near perfect condition.

Correcting your vehicle's Paint Finish is only part of the process, do not forget to protect and maintain its corrected condition. Check out our options for Paint Protection Products below.

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