FEYNLAB® TEXTILE is a water based coating engineered for extreme durability and hydrophobicity on cloth surfaces. TEXTILE is versatile and designed for interior cloth seats, carpets, and convertible fabric tops. Once treated, surfaces are simple to clean and protected against accidental spills and stains of all kinds, including common oils. The water based formula allows for little to no odor after drying 12-16 hours.


Product Benefits:

  • Interior Fabric Protection against water spills and staining from extreme weather, children, or pets.
  • Durable protection for a minimum of 6-12 months from regular wear and caustic cleaners.
  • Surfaces treated with Textile become simple to clean, saving time and money on products.
  • Provides UV protection of convertible tops or dashboard covers,
  • Versatile for interior cloth surfaces, convertible tops, and may be used on shoes or hats.


Durability & Application Surfaces:
6 to 12 months on interiors.


Interior Fabric Surfaces:

  • Upholstery & Carpet.
  • Convertible Tops
  • Headliners
  • Floor Mats


500ml bottle.


Always wear respirator & gloves during application. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.


Application Instructions:
First Thoroughly clean the surface, removing all loose and topical contamination. A clean surface with ensure optimal bonding and durability.

  • Spray directly onto cloth seats, floors, mats, or convertible tops, saturating the surface.
  • Using nitrile or latex gloves, work the product into the surface.
  • Follow up with a light misting of Textile over the surface. This technique ensures all fibers are coated on all sides.
  • Using a hair dryer, on a heat setting that won’t singe your arm, thoroughly dry the applied areas. Don’t place heat too close to the surface.
  • Allow treated areas to cure in a well ventilated area, for a minimum of 12-16 hours, preferably 24hrs.


Climate Notes:
If possible apply coating in temperature controlled environment 10°C-30°C (50°F-85°F). TEXTILE is not affected by high humidity.

FEYNLAB® Textile

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  • WEIGHT: 1.1 lbs

    DIMENSIONS: 2.5 × 4 × 10 in


    SIZE: 500ml

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